Inflatable SUP Set Up

How to set up your Inflatable SUP

How to inflate and deflate your Mongoboards Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The perfect travel companion, this super durable and ridged inflatable come with a back pack bag, pump, 3 piece adjustable carbon fibre paddle and a repair kit.
Ideal for those travelling, caravanning, boating or in need of a convenient fold away item for storage. The inflatables handle and move through the water as well as an all rounder and take the knocks and bumps pretty well
Inflatables also have the advantage of white water river use because of their durability and the easy repair on the spot solution. A fantastic affordable option!
Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Gold Coast


In only 5 mins you can have the board pumped up and ready for the water. Remember – the harder you pump them, the better they perform.
Happy Paddling!

Step by step:

  • Roll out your board on a smooth surface free of loose material. Grass is ideal.
  • Screw the pump hose and pressure gauge into the pump handle.
  • Unscrew the valve cap on the board.
  • Make sure the valve head is in its outer most position. Experiment by pushing and twisting the valve head. Pushed fully in allows for deflation. The outer most position allows for inflation but keeps the air inside.
  • Attach the simple bayonet fitting (other end of the hose) to the board’s valve. This is a simple push and twist action.
  • Stand the pump on firm, level ground and place your feet on the foot rests and start to pump. The first inflation will be slightly more effort than subsequent inflations.
  • Make sure you keep your hands towards the center of the pump handles when pumping, your feet firmly on the foot rests and make sure you push directly down over the pump shaft.
  • Once inflated to desired pressure, replace valve cap and go for a paddle!

You will find that you reach 10PSI in about 3 minutes and a little more effort will get you to 15PSI.

The harder the board, the better it performs. We recommend using the board at a pressure between 15-25PSI. Don’t worry, it is impossible to over inflate the board using the supplied pump. We don’t recommend using unlimited compressors to inflate the board.

REMEMBER: The valve head turned and in the outer position allows air in, but not out, meaning you can disconnect hose and attach valve cap easily and without losing any board pressure!

The valve head in the outer position can be seen below. Leave the valve head in the depressed or open position for storage, but with the valve cap on.

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