Stand up paddle Board construction, 

15kg EPS Foam core with PVC reinforced standing area and fin boxes. Real wood veneer 4 & 6oz wood sandwich epoxy fibre glass construction, finished with either a clear polish or a matt finish. 

Carbon Stand Up Paddle Board construction 

15 kg EPS Foam core with full Carbon/epoxy construction. Finished with different brushed paint. 

Stand Up paddle boards are essentially big surf boards and are more prone to problems because of an open cell rather than a closed cell foam used in construction. You will see on the top of your board it has a plastic nut embedded, this is a gautex valve that allows vapour to escape and will not let water in. Lets the board breath with fluctuating air temperatures. There is no need to touch this valve.

Never leave your board in direct sunlight, especially considering Australia's extremes, for extended periods of time. Be aware darker colour boards attract the heat more, always use your board bag. Mongoboards only offers a 3 month warranty on boards sold with out bags, basically your bag is your boards best friend. 

To keep your board looking good wash down with fresh clean water after use, allow to dry in the shade and store in its bag in a safe, dry, cool place. Rail protection tape is highly recommended to protect the edges of your board from paddle damage. 

Transportation - DO NOT use ratchet style tie downs as they are very easy to over tighten and can damage your board. We recommend hand pull tie down straps, these are freely available, these are the best way to tie down and transport your board. 

One of the most common forms of damage is thruster fin boxes, this damage usually occurs out of the water from being knocked about/stood on etc. If you are ONLY using your board in flat water ONLY use your center fin as the thruster fins create drag and are only necessary in the surf.

Always make sure you rinse out your adjustable paddle to remove all salt and sand to avoid the paddle ceasing up. If your paddle becomes stuck due to the salt and sand this is not a warranty issue.  

Your carry bag is your boards best friend as it protects your board whilst being transported and stored, it seems that most damage 'accidents' happen out of the water, using your bag can minimise the risk, yes we understand that it can be a bit of a pain to get your board back in the bag after a paddle but with a dry off from your towel its worth it. All boards purchased with a bag come with 1yrs warranty but you must use it.

All bags come with a shoulder strap, sometimes with the larger boards there is more stress due to the weight of the board where the strap is attached to the bag, just be aware and take care to avoid tearing. 

Basically if you own a stand up paddle board looking after it and storing it is generally down to common sense, if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us