Black Rock Stand Up Paddle Board

Stand Up Paddle Boards 

The Mongo Black Rock is an All Rounder Stand Up Paddle board (SUP) that does it all. This is a very functional SUP suited to flat water cruising, but it’s also versatile enough to take in the...


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Stand Up Paddle Boards 

The Mongo Black Rock is an All Rounder Stand Up Paddle board (SUP) that does it all. This is a very functional SUP suited to flat water cruising, but it’s also versatile enough to take in the surf. Available in multiple sizes to suit all weight and age paddlers, this is an affordable SUP that’s rich in design features and performance.

The beautiful Black Rock SUP is a classic 



DESIGN: The generous width through the middle, balanced outline, and the low rocker keeps the board sitting really flat on the water. This stability instils a feeling of confidence for all paddlers, and a single -to-double concave bottom also helps the board accelerate quickly and maintain amazing glide and flow in flat water. Subtle lift through the tail allows the board to manoeuvre smoothly when riding waves.

VOLUME: The generous size-to-volume ratio is a key element in making this one of our most popular SUP models. With loads of buoyancy, boxy high volume rails, and a functional shape, the All Rounder has great usability across a range of conditions.

FEATURES: Comfortable cavity handle for convenient transportation to and from the water. The  Easy to clean deck traction pad feels soft and prevents slipping off the board, gore tex valve, plus a bonus nose plug for mounting a GoPro.

FINS: Single centre Box and quad FCS set up, this board comes complete with 5 fins. The well-balanced single fin provides a high single-side stoke rate on flat water; this is great for beginner paddler’s because they don’t need to switch sides as much. Add your  fins to the FCS  side plugs to enhance turning and control when riding waves.

PERFORMANCE: This all rounder is super stable, making it easy to jump to your feet, start paddling, and within minutes most paddlers find they can comfortably turn and manoeuvre the board. This All Rounder Mongo Paddle board is ideal for both flat water and surf.


Multi-layer sandwich construction that’s formed through the use of several vacuum bag processes. The goal of this construction is to build a light-weight, strong and performance orientated board. The core is made of high density 18kg EPS Foam for strength and floatation. Carbon Firbre reinforced standing area and fin boxes providing extra strength where needed. Real wood veneer 4 & 6oz wood sandwich. Fibre Glass  layer of 4oz at the top and bottom, giving the rails 6 layers for reinforcement. Complete with a full protective layer finish. Our Process produces a superb product that will more than meet the requirements of paddlers who want to push their performance.

*12 Month warranty with purchase of Mongo Board Cover

Prices vary in relation to board size.

Length  Width  Thickness  Litres 
9' 32 4.5 148
9'6 31 4.5 156
10' 32 4.5 162
10'6 30 4.7 176
11' 31 5 199
11'6 31 5.5 228


More Info

10' x 30" 

Amazing 1-4 ft wave board. Can take up to 90kgs in the surf yet still big enough for the lighter rider and small passengers on the flat water.

10' x 32"

The 10' x 32" SUP is our best selling hybrid paddleboard. At 32" wide its the magic number for the novice supsurfer giving the stability required to master the art of stand up surfing. Perfect family board and the added bonus of having a SUP surf on days when you short board just wont cut it.


Perfect entry level for riders up to 105kgs in the waves, very stable on the lakes and rivers.


The ultimate family all-rounder paddle boards. For the heavier rider to surf or for the whole family and your dog to get on board. SUPSURFING is not just about massive cut backs and big drop ins. Its about gliding ,trimming and moving up and down the deck or even catching that wave with someone else on the board. This is what stand up paddle is all about, Versatility and fun.


The big daddy of boards, strap on an esky, fishing rod, take yourself off for the day and still be able to catch a wave.


Choosing Correct Size Stand Up Paddle Board.

The answer to this question will be based on your weight and paddle boarding experience. Think of your ideal board size in terms of volume. The wider, longer and thicker the board, the more volume it will have. In fact, the more volume the board has, the more stable it will be on the water. 

The overall buoyancy of a stand up paddle board or SUP is affected by its length, thickness and width. It is listed as board volume and is measured in litres.


A longer board will generally go faster and straighter. With a longer board, you’ll get more paddle strokes per side before you have to cross over to the other side to keep the board going straight.


This can add volume to a board without adding extra length or width. Too much result’s  in the board sitting above the water and too little will cause the board to sit too deep in the water. Keep in mind, the ocean has more buoyancy than freshwater lakes and rivers.

  1. WIDTH

A wider board will feel more stable but will glide slower. A narrower board will glide faster but can become unstable in windy/choppy water. Width can add necessary volume but at the cost of performance. 30” wide is a good starting point.


It’s important to select a board with enough buoyancy to float your body weight sufficiently because the lower the board sits in the water the less stable it becomes. A lighter person will float higher and therefore be more stable than a heavier person


Recommended SUP Volume Chart

Beginner: 200% of your body weight in (kg) e.g. 70kg  x 2 = 140L (litres)
Intermediate: 170% of your body weight in (kg)  e.g. 70kg  x 1.7  = 102L
Advanced: 130% of your body weight in (kg)  e.g. 70kg x 1.3 = 91L

This table should only be used as a guide. For further information and a more approximate volume please call Mick or Alice on 0450080566. Experience, and conditions will affect these numbers.

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